• update : 2020/01/28

    This diary has been recorded since the 2019/01/31.

    The diary is updated on a specific cycle.

    It does not accurately reflect future probabilities.

    Records with fewer attempts are less accurate.

    300 times or less is not written.




image [Cold] Nightfall   image [Lightning] Nightfall   image [Flame] Duelist   image [Cold] Duelist   image [Cold] Bone Crusher   image [Lightning] Bone Crusher   image [Flame] Wind Slayer   image [Toxic] Wind Slayer   image [Flame] Demirune   image [Toxic] Demirune   image [Lightning] Demolition   image [Toxic] Demolition   image [Toxic] Skylark   image [Lightning] Skylark   image [Advent] Double Crescent   image [Advent] Blaze Bastard   image [Ignore Defense] Stun Needle   image [Critical Damage] Stun Needle   image [Critical Damage] Deadly Rose   image [Ignore Defense] Deadly Rose   image [Ignore Defense] Iron Wing   image [Critical Damage] Iron Wing   image [Chain Fire] Fire Burster   image [Spread Effect] Fire Burster   image [Chain Fire] Doom Cannon   image [Spread Effect] Doom Cannon   image [Chain Fire] Ice Dragon   image [Spread Effect] Ice Dragon   image [Counter] Vanguard Shield   image [Counter] Last Hope   image [Counter] Frost Defender   image [Enhance Damage] Scarring Beast   image [Chain Fire] Scarring Beast   image [Spread Effect] Scarring Beast   image [Advent] Lightning Shooter   image [Advent] Heretic Shield   image [Ignore Defense] Pegasus   image [Critical Damage] Pegasus   image [Rare] Royal Guard   image [Rare] Demon Hunter   image [Rare] Majesty   image [Rare] Venom Chaser   image [Rare] Crusader   image [Rare] Dark Moon   image [Rare] Tempest   image [Rare] Heat Defender   image [Rare] Fire Pendant   image [Rare] Ice Pendant   image [Rare] Lightning Pendant   image [Set] Stoneheart Will Pendant   image [Set] Stoneheart Honor Pendant   image [Set] Blackhand Knocker Pendant   image [Set] Hellfire Pendant   image [Set] Blizzard Pendant   image [Set] Shadow Killer Pendant   image [Set] Shadow Dancer Pendant   image [Set] Blackhand Air Pendant   image [Advent] Terra Pendant   image [Rare] Thunder Ring   image [Set] Wing Lord Poison Ring   image [Rare] Crash Ring   image [Rare] Fall Ring   image [Set] Wing Lord Fury Ring   image [Set] Stoneheart Ring   image [Set] Mad Bear Ring   image [Set] Blackhand Venom Ring   image [Set] Blackhand Stone Ring   image [Set] Immortal Soul Ring   image [Set] Immortal Skin Ring   image [Set] Hellfire Ring   image [Set] Blizzard Ring   image [Set] Shadow Ring   image [Rare] Detox Belt   image [Rare] Thunderguard Belt   image [Rare] Soft Belt   image [Rare] Wake Belt   image [Set] Wing Lord Feather Belt   image [Set] Wing Lord Wind Belt   image [Set] Mad Bear Muscle Belt   image [Set] Mad Bear Bone Belt   image [Set] Immortal Eye Belt   image [Set] Immortal Heart Belt   image [Set] Hellfire Belt   image [Set] Blizzard Belt   image [Set] Shadow Belt   image [Set] Stoneheart Belt   image [Advent] Magma Belt